CoinQuanta is StockQuanta’s sister site for Cryptocurrency investors.

Our goal is to democratize Investment Technology and make it super-affordable. So that everyone can benefit, not just the Wall Street Pros. 

Every Investor’s Struggle

Vast majority of investors look at news, opinions and hype to decide where to put their money. Navigating thousands of investments quickly with highly varying performance and risk characteristics is almost impossible. StockQuanta (and it’s sister site CoinQuanta)  uses Data Science and Quantitative Techniques from Wall Street to offer a simple, quick and effective system to help explore the giant market. Gain investing super powers without writing a line of code or manually inspecting investments one by one.

Safety Built In

Searching for high performance can also lead to high losses. StockQuanta allows you to invest using a  Risk Balanced approach by avoiding or reducing allocation to risky assets. This offers healthy returns without compromising your portfolio dangerously. 

Complements Your Style

StockQuanta offers a powerful and simple way to look at the most promising and safer candidates. You are free to apply any fundamental style or your personal opinions on top to look for value or growth.

Think of it as your personal robo-advisor who can crunch millions of numbers.

Compare and Research

StockQuanta also allows you to quickly research any set of stocks/ETFs or compare your own portfolio. It shows which ones are performing well for different time horizons, their risk/safety charateristics as well as how much diversification they offer. Manage your portfolio the way hedge fund managers do it.