About the Founder

StockQuanta and CoinQuanta’s creator Ashish Gupta was a Senior Data Scientist At Google for 6 years for their multi-Billion dollar Conversion Optimization business. He also worked at D.E.Shaw, one of the premier quantitative hedge funds on Wall Street. On both of these fronts, he has been deeply involved with insightful ways of measuring and improving performance.

He also has a unique experience of witnessing both sides of the investing world: DIY investing as well as professional Wall Street investing in complex Equity Derivatives, working with a successful quantitative group having billions of dollars under management. His (along with his fully remote team of data scientists) mission is to make this quantitative science available to investors while keeping things simple and useful.

Contact us at ash@stockquanta.com or Telegram for any questions or feedback.

If you would like to collaborate to further this mission, feel free to reach out to Ash above or find him on LinkedIn.