StockQuanta is a new kind of Search Engine to help you automatically find Consistent and Lower Risk trends in the Stock Market.

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Caption: Screenshot shows automatically detected healthy trends from a large number of available investments. The trends above go from strong to weak for a few expanded choices. Also allows single-click diligence in the same results screen to save you ton of time.

What Does StockQuanta Offer ?

1. You simply enter your portfolio tickers and get back a complete market perspective on other low risk trending opportunities that are doing better than your portfolio. A first for the Finance world, this enables unprecedented insight and perspective at your fingertips.

2. Find relative performance from thousands of investment choices in a few seconds and investigate them with one-click within the same screen. Save hours or days of research.

3. Automatically account for Quantitative Risk, Volatility and Trend Consistency with Quantitative Algorithms adopted from Professional Wall Street Techniques.

Created by Ash Gupta, a former Google and Hedge Fund Data Scientist with 15 years of personal and professional investing experience

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